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How much does it cost? It seems to be the first question most people ask when shopping for a wedding videographer. The short answer for us is


Yes, you will find less expensive and more expensive videographers out there. Some a low as $300 and some as high as $5,000 and even more. A high price doesn't always mean great value and a low price doesn't always mean great product.

It is our hope, that after you viewed some of our wedding films that you feel like the price we ask for our product, time and talent is more than fair.

Here's what you get from us for $1,500...

            - Up to 8 hours of us on location capturing your special day.


            - Aerial footage of the wedding site where allowed by law

                                          (Weather Permitting)


            - A 6-8 minute long Highlight Film delivered inside of 30 Days

                         Secret: We've been known to deliver videos inside of 48 hours of the wedding day.


             - Fully licensed music to your video


             - Raw one camera ceremony footage with audio

Let us quote you for your destination wedding. You might be impressed to find out that hiring us is more affordable than the local area guy.

Need more? Call Angela at 501-514-3034 for a FREE consultation and let us come up with a custom quote that is 100% catering to your wants and needs.