BLOG #1: Let the BLOGGING begin!

One of the coolest things about being a videographer is that I'm not stuck in the same place everyday. And let me tell you, my camera has taken me to some pretty awesome places like the mountains of Puerto Rico, The Masters in Augusta, GA and an aircraft carrier in San Diego just to name a few. But beyond the traveling, which I absolutely love to do... true passion is working with people that recognize the value of video and over delivering on their expectations!

Nest week I'm flying back out to Las Vegas to produce more content for my friends Michelle and Blake's YouTube channel Sweet N Sour! It's a very new channel so it would be cool if you'd subscribe to it!

Here's some fun from our trip to New Orleans back in September! It was hilarious to see how much attention a couple of t-shirts got them. You can only get away with kind of stuff in New Orlean it seems! :)

WARNING: If you don't have a sense of humor or there might be young ones hovering around you...DO NOT PUSH PLAY!

I'm new to blogging so let's see how this goes!

Have a great day!

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