It's Time To Go LIVE!

Coming Fall of 2020, Sharpe Wedding Films will offer multi-camera streaming of wedding ceremonies.


Sure you can hold a cell phone up in the air for 30-45 minutes or more and that's completely fine if you don't mind poor audio and shaky footage.


For the people that demand MORE... Here's what we have for you...


1: A dedicated professional wifi connection that we provide so we don't rely on in house wifi connections. No glitches and no signal dropouts.


2: A one, two, or even three camera angles of your ceremony capturing all the angles and audio as it happens.


3 LIVE editing. As your viewers watch your wedding we will switch from these multi-cams creating a TV-like presentation of your ceremony.


4: Same day delivery! You will receive a recording of your wedding ceremony in most cases before we leave.


This is the perfect plan for the person that doesn't want to pay for a full-blown wedding film and just wants the ceremony captured and streamed for those unable to attend for one reason or another.


This has been something we've been trying to perfect for years. So get is launching this fall!


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